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Captain Charles Robbins was featured in the recent PBS special “State of Change.” You can see his segment at the 46:30 mark. 

Some of the oldest trees in the world call North Carolina home

The ancient trees are not just beautiful and majestic. They provide an accurate record of more than two millennia of weather east of the Rockies. However, Robbins worries whether the trees can survive for another millennium.

One of the most resilient trees on Earth is dying in droves (Subscription Needed)

On a cool, clear autumn day with no mlasma in sight, National Geographic Explorer Mac Stone, Stahle, and local guide Charles Robbins launch their kayaks into the Black River’s labrynth…

The oldest known bald cypress tree in the world - Tar Heel Treasures | Spectrum News

The enchanting swampland of the Black River is home to bald cypress trees that are thousands of years old. One tree, named BLK227, dates back beyond the year 600 B.C., making it the fifth oldest tree in the world.

For the Love of the Black River

North Carolina Wildlife Federation shares the experience of a paddling trip with Captain Robbins in one of NC’s oldest forests, and speaks of his involvement in a campaign to conserve this enchanting ancient world.

Most People Don’t Know Some Of The Oldest Trees In The World Are Found In North Carolina

“Only In Your State”, a nationwide online news source for locally-focused stories of each state in the U.S., gave national attention to the Three Sisters Swamp and Cape Fear River Adventures.

Tree People | Cover Story - Salt Magazine

Salt Magazine dives deep into the 40-year journey to protect North Carolina’s ancient cypress forest. Captain Robbins gets a shout out as an experienced Black River guide contributing to Dr. Stahle’s research and conservation efforts.

Northeast Cape Fear River

Captain Robbins was interviewed for Coastal Review Online’s profile piece on the Northeast Cape Fear River.

Trees in North Carolina found to be the oldest known wetland trees on the planet

Ancient Code picked up the story of the 2,624 year old Ancient Bald Cypress in the Black River, and interviewed Captain Robbins and Professor Stahle about these remarkable discoveries. 

Exploring Cape Fear Waterways

Cape Fear Living talks kayaking the local waterways, and recommends Cape Fear River Adventures as an intriguing exploration experience in discovering the area’s hidden gems and unknown mysteries.

One Man's Vision for the Black River

Captain Robbins writes a blog post for Cape Fear River Partnership, discussing the possibility of designating the Black River as a State Park. 

Of Time and the River

Salt Magazine features the river lodge that Captain Robbins built for his friends on the Northeast Cape Fear River. 

The Robbin's Nest Tree House

Port City Daily’s “Where We Live” features the hand crafted, fully engineered tree house that Captain Robbins built on his property.

Love Your Trees

The Townsend Bertram & Co blog shares the story of a very meaningful father/daughter river adventure, guided by Captain Robbins.

Citizens tell BOEM: Offshore drilling poses huge risks to NC coast

Captain Robbins got the chance to voice his opposition to opening up the North Carolina coast to offshore drilling, during a 2015 public hearing.

North Carolina's alligator population will be large again this year

Captain Robbins was interviewed on WECT6 News in 2013, discussing the large alligator population present in the waterways that year. 

educational resources

The Ancient Bald Cypress Consortium

The Ancient Bald Cypress Consortium (ABCC) unites educational institutions, government agencies, conservation organizations, private landowners, and individuals to accurately map and protect all remaining ancient bald cypress wetlands for research, education, and conservation. 

The Tree-Ring Laboratory

The Tree-Ring Laboratory (TRL) was established in 1979 and concentrates on the development of exactly-dated annual ring-width chronologies from ancient forests worldwide. The TRL is active in the conservation of ancient forests and has assisted the preservation of old growth remnants in the cypress-tupelo forests of the South, the oak-hickory forests of the central United States, the blue oak and conifer woodlands of California, and the conifer forests of Mexico. 

Cape Fear River Watch

Cape Fear River Watch, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has been working to protect and improve the water quality of the Lower Cape Fear River Basin through Education, Advocacy, and Action since 1993. Cape Fear River Watch engages residents of our watershed through programs to preserve and safeguard our river. Our Cape Fear Riverkeeper is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international clean water advocacy organization.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive. Their mission is to conserve the land and waters on which all life depends. 

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